Charles John Abraham to Frederick Chesson, 8 June 1884

Charles John Abraham to Frederick Chesson, 8 June 1884

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C123 – 30

Author(s): Charles John Abraham

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: England

Date: 8 June 1884

The Close, Lichfield

8 June 1884


Dear Mr Chesson,


I have to thank you for your kind letter. You will be glad to hear that that great champion of the Maori race, the bishop of Wellington (Bp O. Hadfield) will be here at home in a few days, and it is most important that he should see the petition, & judge of the correctness of the translation.


He will be here about the 20th of this month, or perhaps a day or two sooner, & will be heard of at 25 Palace Square, Upper Norwood.


Believe me

Yours very truly

C.J. Abraham



If you see the King Tawhiao, you may let him see the words that follow.


He kupu aroha oku ki te iwi Maori.


He kara pai te kara o te kuini, he kara tino pai te kara a te karaiti. Me whawhai tonu I raro I taua kara ki te hara, ki te ao, ki te kikokiko.


Amine, na ta apechama


[Google translate:


I have words of love for the Maori people. The queen’s color is a beautiful color, and the color of Christ is a perfect color. We must continue to fight Under that banner against sin, the world, and the flesh.


Amen, by the way]