John William Akerman to Henry Bulwer, 9 June 1876

John William Akerman to Henry Bulwer, 9 June 1876

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C123 – 76

Author(s): John William Akerman

Recipient(s): Henry Bulwer

Sent from: Natal

Date: 9 June 1876

No 1


Copy of letter from Mr Akerman M.L.C. to Sir Henry Bulwer

June 9th 1876


Dear Sir Henry,


I gathered from our conversation on Tuesday last that you felt a difficulty in naming, as I desired, to the Right Honorable the Secretary of State the fact of my having received a majority of votes in the council for the post of delegate to the conference; as well as the further fact that I am the senior of the two in other respects.


In justice to Earl Carnarvon and the interests of the colony, I venture to state my strong impression of the importance of this information being conveyed to His Lordship.


To release you therefore from the difficulty I understand you do feel in this matter, and yet attain my desire, I beg to inform you of my intention to communicate direct with the Secretary of State acquainting him with the above particulars .


I remain

Dear Sir Henry

Faithfully yours

(signed) J.W. Akerman


H.E. Sir H. Bulwer