Maria Bond to Frederick Chesson, 20 May 1880

Maria Bond to Frederick Chesson, 20 May 1880

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C126 – 38

Author(s): Maria Bond

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: England

Date: 20 May 1880

May 20th


Dear Sir,


I hope to be present at some part of your meeting this evening.


Have you heard of the case of Mr Makiwani, an ordained Presbyterian minister and a native well known and highly respected in the colony, who has been imprisoned under the vagrancy act?


The thing is a disgrace to the English name.


The Peace Preservation Act and the vagrancy act are being carried out in a manner most oppressive and injurious to the natives. 


The disarmament act is no doubt good per se but it requires modification, as it now states it is unjust and degrading to the natives. I am likely to be detained in England for 3 or 4 months and may probably see you again and have some conversation on a few matters relating to the welfare of the natives of S. Africa.


I am

Yours truly

M Bond

83 … Hill