James Edward Carlyle to Frederick Chesson, 22 December 1884

James Edward Carlyle to Frederick Chesson, 22 December 1884

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C128 – 103

Author(s): James Edward Carlyle

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: England

Date: 22 December 1884

Oxford 55 Holywell S

22 Dec 84


Dear Sir,


I am interested in the efforts you are making at Berlin in reference to the slave trade question [Sir EH Mallit’s?] addition seems to me an important one. ‘The trade which provides negroes’ to hand and [furnish?] it is of … importance and I think means might … be found to make the principle workable. Then I see you are also acting against the ‘… libres’.


But my object in writing is not to say this but is a practical one. I am to give a lecture in Oxford to the … section of the Philosophical Society on ‘African Colonies and Colonization’ and I wish to bring into prominence in it the whole question of the treatment of the aborigines by colonists. Any papers you happen to have bearing on this subject would be of value to me, Mr Chesson of the Aborigines Society has sent me some specially as regards slavery the worst form of native treatment. I should be interested in any facts as to slavery in the Portuguese settlements and Zanzibar. In the former it is nomically supported not I think in the latter. How is it on the lower Congo and the Niger? Are our British Niger … free from it? How is it in [Senegaul?]? Any facts bearing on these questions would be of much value to me.


I have not yet quite decided about Africa. So many wish … and offer to take it. Perhaps I may but … on a broader basis. Have you [print?] any number this month?


I am

Yours very truly

JE Carlyle