Sidney Cuthbert to Frederick Chesson, 3 March 1881

Sidney Cuthbert to Frederick Chesson, 3 March 1881

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C129 – 235

Author(s): Sidney Cuthbert

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: England

Date: 11 October 1885

Royal Colonial Institute
15 Strand, W.C.

March 3rd 1881

The Secretary
Aborigines Protection Society


I have just arrived in England after a ten years residence in Natal and the Transvaal, and I hear with surprise and indignation that it is proposed by a certain party in the country to hand back against to the tender mercies of the Boers the million and a half of native tribes residing within the boundaries of the Transvaal.

It appears to me that your society is pre-eminently the one that ought to move in the matter, by arousing public feeling by addresses to the Crown and parliament, letters to the press, and public meetings throughout the country, at which, Sir Bartle Frere and Lord Shaftsbury should be present.

No one can no better than your society (from the reports of your agents) the barbarous treatment that the natives have received at the hands of the Boers, and that these men are utterly unfit to be trusted with any rule over native races.

Trusting you will bring this important matter ot the immediate notice of your society.

I remain
Your obedient servant
Sidney Cuthbert
Of … Mariztburg