Garland Junior to Thomas William Garland, 15 February 1886

Garland Junior to Thomas William Garland, 15 February 1886

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C135 – 10

Author(s): Garland Junior

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: Natal

Date: 15 February 1886

Extract of letter from Mr Garland Junr to T.W. Garland


‘Miss Samuelson wrote me some days ago that she though her brother Mr Samuelson must be better or messengers would have returned from Zululand. She feels confident that U’souckele, the chief, will protect her brother’s property should be die. But I am afraid now of the Boers.


It seems from reports that the Boers have captured 10 wagons a few days ago that were en-route to the Swazis land – 1 of Mr C Webers, 1 of Mr [Shyinsoeus?], 2 belonging to a man near [Gueldenland?] who had his wife with him, and 4 wagons of [Herecoas?] family. We saw these latter go through here with their splendid [spaces?] and loads of merchandize, they called on me as passing – it seems the Boers took every thing except one of C Weber’s boys, he tells me that they Swazies [will?] pay them (the Boers) taxes stating that they belong to the English. Therefore the Swazies are their enemies, and they will not allow the English to go in and out as they will.


This is the … and substances of what Webers driver told me last Saturday. What a position to be in. Boer … up one of our best trades in the reach of Natal and we have British people few miles off working on.’


Verulum Feb 15 1886