J.P. Jones to Frederick Chesson, 9 November 1886

J.P. Jones to Frederick Chesson, 9 November 1886

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C139 – 122

Author(s): J.P. Jones

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: South African Republic

Date: 9 November 1886

C/. E. Sephton Esq


Maries Dist


Nov 9th 86


Dear Mr Chesson,


I have today heard of a horrid case with reference to a Kafir and I think it should be brought before you so that you can report it at Pretoria and get satisfactory reply.


The Kafir was brought in here a short time ago out of his mind and he was put in the cells where he died and after death it was proved that he had been so neglected there was a network of decay in one of his thighs full of worms and maggots. This I have not heard from one person but the majority of respectable townsfolks here. In a civilized and Xtian country like this such awful neglect ought to be stopped. I hear that the landrost here is disliked by all and considered a very unjust man. I am with two friends who are prospecting for gold and we have been staying here some time and the unjust way in which the law is exhibited is disgraceful. I expect English letters in tonight and I hope one from father. I had dinner when in Cape Town last September or rather November with the 2 Liberbauers they were very kind indeed thanks to your letter. I expect you have enough to bother you without this but I think you should know it.


Trusting you are well

Believe me

Ever yours truly

J.P. Jones


I feel assured you will excuse this hurried letter as I have been called off to go up country unexpectedly in the middle of it.