Andries le Fleur to Frederick Chesson, 11 October 1885

Andries le Fleur to Frederick Chesson, 11 October 1885

Archive location: Bodleian Libraries, MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 18 / C134 – 6

Author(s): Andries le Fleur

Recipient(s): Frederick Chesson

Sent from: LeSotho

Date: 11 October 1885

[Mafeting Brislock?] Basutoland 11 October 1885

F.W. Chissin Esq Secretary of the Aborigines Protection Society London


The … often cause hatred but the last under consideration and the first from the hand of one of the natives of aborigines under the Griquas to your honorable Society.




I must beg your honorable socty moust earnestly and with pacenly to hear with me on the subject of our greavences to … H. moust gracious magesty’s government which is as far back as 1848 and we now as Griquas late subjects of the chief Adam Kok formerly of Phillipoles now Her Majesty’s subjects of Kok Stad East Griqualand Cape Colony moust earnestly beg your honorable society assistence to lay before H. M. government our appeal for redress agains wrongs which we has received from time to time it will of cours be for me to make a munite statement of wot we consider our grevencies.




…treaties obligations of inter into by Sir P. Maitland and the late Chief Adam Kok bearing note 5th February 1846 and one note 25th January 1848 inter in by Sir H Smith and the after said chief on the other hand and ther in acknolight him fracele Princeps and … by H. Majesty Government and acept entente cordiale which then … the one as well as the other to ther signatures but we as the weker party went to the wall.




Our territories was … by virtue of the treaty of 1841 in 2 two subdivision then … the aleniable was intrusted by the late chief Adam Kok on behalf of his subject to the care of H. Moust gracious Majesty governent on the folowing condition that for 40 year lease and after that period H.M. Government has to … our land … throw a provision in the treaty of 46 that the Griqua were have to compensat the British subject for an improvent made by lease on … farm which was to be valued by three 3 partys that in a vent that leeser was not able to pay improvement he retain the farm at an annual … leese receive his compensasion for improvement on the afore said farm this aistinkly for farm … for 40 year to other … was no agreament made which a mount to from 250 to 400 farms in … from 3000 to 8000 morgen of land say 6 to 16000 english acers some of them let some only alow to squate on the chief Adam Kok to … annual the half of the quit rent which then amount to as Sir H Smith statement to 120 per anum but now to £5000 this treaty of 46 was partly broken by altering of the mount of quit rent to … of £200 per annum for the farms only let for 40 forty years which £300 was perpituity and so was the farm perpetuity … that farm amount only to 2 farms and all thous farms under forty year was to be come the bonefi property of the leeser which nober amount to the above nober which by treaty bearing date 25th Jany 1848 was not include in the annual [stipen?] of £300 not withstanding all obligation on the part of H. Mous … Majesty this obligation was set … our 400 farm alineate forcibly from us and given to H. Moust … Majest subject as compensation for their acsim at Bomplates not with standing our remonstriance agains the arbitrary act of the Hon Governor … land certificate was assu to all [Boer?] ocupant of Griqua farm by British subject your honorable society will … throu correspondence on one lieu by the Rev J.J. Freeman home sety of the London Missionary Soty in England … Cape Town May 20 1850 Port Louis August 20 1850 and an answer from Sir H Smith bearing date King Well Town Januay 20 1857 in that dispatch and the 5 paragraph the general said but Mr Freeman’ general assertion that a quathntety of territory was taken from the latter that is the Griquas for the sake of the former thus Boers is quit unfound Captain Adam Kok territory was prescribed to him as in stood as regards both the alienable land inanlienable portions and never interfear with the later unless with … agree even then if it was given to British subject which is quit … as land seteficate was … in Cape Town to the effact now we only beg H. M. G. M. government for compensation for the same not that … say to pal … aus in an independen … from it but we only ask in … restitusion of claims.




We has made application for our right and grevences … through the Rev J. J. Freeman then throu Sir H. Smith through Sir Gr Grey throu Sir Phi Wodehous but no redress in any say to the Enghen of Enlan and Burain the English taxpayer no not a single … mite nor an ounce of ground of England no only give us land compansation and H.M.G.M governor yes we trust that our appeal to England will be as our right to the land and tell to the same is indesputable so we appeal to Her as one that held our land in hust in trusted to her as the only just governr we earnestly appeal as the weker to the stronger for redress as to one that nether fear god nor men to … Christian England.


And as in duty bound shall ever await a … reply throu your hon Soty and as ay shal have pray


A Le Fleur on behalf of

279 Griquas both in

East and West Griqualand

Cape Colones