Alexander Isbister to Frederick Chesson, 12 May 1857, C138/229

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Isbister, Alexander


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C138-229


6 Marlborough Road
Halleford St 12th May

My dear Sir,

I have been waiting for the numbers of the population from Sir George Simpson’s evidence you were to send; but as it may be desirable to have the papers engrossed you can leave a blank for the population east of the Rocky Mountains referred to at … or insert it yourself. I shall want the numbers for the map.

I have read over Dr Hodkin’s paper, but find nothing than can be introduced. There is nothing to prevent its being sent on with our paper if the Society should think it advisable; for although there is some occasional similarity in the ideas, the language is sufficiently different for both papers to go on.

I have added two or three sentences since the paper was read as there seemed to be not enough said about the prospects of the Indians under the contemplated annexation to Canada.

I am
Dear Sir
Very truly yours
A.K. Isbister