Alexander Isbister to Frederick Chesson, 20 May 1857, C138/228

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Isbister, Alexander


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C138-228


6 Marlborough Road
Halleford St 20 May

My dear Sir,

I have appointed Friday to meet Mr Mislay. Do you happen to have by you, the introduction containing the different heads, under which we proposed to arrange the address? I am afraid it will be dangerous ground to touch upon the shortcomings of the evidence. It appears to me a sort of indirect reflection upon the Committee.

Can you not manage to get something out of Mr Roche about the condition of the Indians of Canada. It is very important to be able to show that the Indians in Canada are better treated, their wants more cared for and their civilization and education more attended to, under the Canadian Govt than under the Hudson’s Bay Company. It is obvious indeed that the whole argument in favour of throwing the country open will hinge upon this.

Many thanks for the numbers of the Colonial Intelligencer. It is one of the best numbers I have seen. The memorial to the Canadian legislature is capital.

Yours very truly
A.K. Isbister

Tuesday Evening

My dear Sir,

You have sent me back my own note instead of the introduction. Please rectify the oversight as soon as you can conveniently.

Truly yours
A.K. Isbister