Alexander Isbister to Frederick Chesson, 3 Apr 1857, C138/226

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Isbister, Alexander


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C138-226


6 Marlborough Road
Halleford St Islington

My dear sir,

I have sent your letter to Mr Corbett, who will be much obliged by your promptness in finding the evidence. I had some talk with the editor of the Weekly paper today, who receives … of papers from Canada which he had the kindness to let me look over.

I observed that your letters had duly appeared in the Globe, and from their being copied in other papers. I have no doubt they are exciting much interest in Canada. (Brorow?) is at his old tricks. He had suppressed your name and give the letters as from the ‘special correspondent’ of the Globe. What other liberties he may have taken with them I do not know but from what he did with mine I imagine he will not be very fastidious in making alterations when it suits him. I wished him to show my letter and had a vague idea that the alterations may not have been made by him; but from the careful suppression of every name but his own and mine I have little doubt that Mr G.B. was the author of the improvements.

I got the editor of the Weekly paper I have referred to (the News of Canada or some such name) to allow me to take the numbers of the Globe with your letters home over Sunday on the condition that I would not allow them to go out of my possession. I shall have them here tomorrow evening (Saturday) if you would like to see them and would not mind coming this far. I should be at home the greater part of Sunday. We have recently moved and are not quite en regle as yet, but we can continue to have an early dinner (about 1 o’clock) as I am engaged out in the afternoon and I shall be glad to have some talk over matters with you.

I am …
Very truly yours
A.K. Isbister

If you cannot come and … I shall try to call on Saturday evening.