Alexander Isbister to Frederick Chesson, undated, C138/227

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Isbister, Alexander


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C138-227


6 Marlborough Road
Halleford St Islington

Dear Sir,

From the enclosed rough sketch of an introduction you will be able to gather my idea, of what the statement ought to embody. I should like to see the society contributing such facts and information as the Committee will not get elsewhere and which will impress the anti-aboriginals with something like a respect for the society’s knowledge of the country and their thorough familiarity with the whole subject. I contemplate accompanying the paper with a map. The condition of the Indians in Canada we may perhaps be able to get from Roach. The paper should conclude with such suggestions as the facts previously brought forward may warrant. I do not think would listen to mere generalities about the sufferings and injuries of the red race. The Indians of Hudson’s Bay are in a very peculiar condition, they are not dependents on our bounty – they are our benefactors. The actual money value of a good hunter to this country, in the shape of the furs which he procures for us, ranges from £100 to £200 a year. Persons talk of the danger of putting an end to the fur-trade if it is thrown up by the extermination of the fur-bearing animals. There is more gander of the trade being put an end to by the extermination of the Indians, who are being decimated by starvation and diseases introduced by Europeans. This point has not been brought as it ought before the Committee.

In great haste
Truly yours
A.K. Isbister