Appia to Frederick Chesson, 31 January 1883, C124/88

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C124-88


31/1 83

Dear Sir,

William Casalis will have given you the latest intelligence about the actual state of affairs in Basutoland.

Our giving and devoted director Alfred [Bagne?] has arrived with Garth Castle of the … Donald Currie to Capetown on the 26th, according to the newspapers, he will be soon in Basutoland … his judgement. It seems to me that if the English government got the report that the [Natal?] Disarmament Act, it would be only logical … to go back to the original settlement of the matter and to accept that Basutoland should be put again under English rule.

You would have there a little natives loyal to her Mother, as they call H.M. the Queen, and able to show to the whole world what a savage little people can become when under righteous …[violent?] but firm rule.

America has destroyed the Indian nations for many many years; if once you can point out to the Basuto … still to the African nation; look what has become of this little tribe under the influence of Christian civilization under English protection, it would be a true victory.

Our convention held at … for the abolition of state regulation of vice, will I hope have [answered?] the purpose of … the English mind about that important moral subject.

With kind regards
Yours very sincerely