C.F. Barker to Frederick Chesson, 14 July 1879, C125/97

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Barker, C.F.









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C125-97


Mount Pleasant
Little Umhlanza

July 14th 1879
To F.W. Chesson Esquire

I enclose a few interesting pieces of the Natal Colonist which I have cut out in order to … as so soon after an … papers are often stopped.

You will … by this paper that there has been much cruelty displayed. I have it from the best authority that the Zulu were cut up by the (lancers?) who were let upon them like bloodhounds. The Zulus fought well and bravely but with our Christian country’s (monstrous?) … Lord William (Berasford?) acting the pig-sticking … could hardly be worthy the most barbarous of natives. Whatever will the native races think of us after this? Can England call herself a christian and peace loving nation and allow this?

A Christian native said the other day when asked what he though about the Zulus. He answered it is wrong of England who send teachers out to us to teach us to try and make war with the king in order to get his country. … he added England will do it with us in order to rob us of our property, the English are not good people, here is one example but I could … many. We as a nation are not trusted and shall be trusted less now. I do hope something may be done to conclude a peace but troops have destroyed every dwelling … of the Zulus and poor women and children starving. It was not their fault – the fault is ours and shame upon us. If we return the … God’s curse upon us. Sir Bartle Frere has been no messenger of peace I do hope that Sir Garnet Wolseley has authority to make such terms of peace as the Zulu king can accept. I dare say Mr Multino has called by this. He is a great authority having lived at the King’s five years. I hope I am not trespassing upon your time with my letters. With kind regards
Yours respecfully
C.F. Barker

Mr Multino’s English address is John Multino Esquire, Wigston Villa
Wigston Fields