Charles Hadfield to Frederick Chesson, 12 April 1861, C137/102

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Hadfield, Charles









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C137-102


53 Wood St
12th April 61

My dear sir,

I duly received the two papers containing the review of Sir Wm Martin’s pamphlet which you kindly sent me, which I was much pleased with. You have done good in the just cause which you have so energetically adopted.

I trust Sir J. Trelawney may give you the interview you seek. I don’t know however that my presence with the deputation would be of any use. Next week too, I shall be on incessant duty here. I am no speaker. Should Sir John consent to preside at any meeting or should any meeting take place to protest against the unjust perseverance of this cruel war in NZ I shall, if possible, be present. I see the ‘telegraph’ reports the continuation of the war, and a further arrival of troops. I have not seen the ‘bluebook.’ I should have liked to have cast my eye over it though I am glad to hear that my brother’s refutation of the Otaki calumny is among other documents. When you have done with the NZ papers I sent you I should like to have them again. I wish, too, to obtain if possible all the letters of my brother which have been printed in full. Some I have never had, and others have escaped me.

I remain
Yours faithfully
Charles Hadfield