Charles Hadfield to Frederick Chesson, 20 February 1861, C137/96

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C137-96


53 Wood Street
20th Feby 61

My dear Sir,

I have been looking over your pamphlet on NZ which I think highly calculated to make right impression where persons take any honest interest in the matter and are not shut up by the bias of prejudice, covetousness or falsehood.

I shall be obliged if you can spare me about 20 copies for circulation. I think you said that you would furnish the press with copies. I wish the Saturday Review to have one. I lately saw a good article in that paper on NZ and addressed the editor referring him to my brother’s letter on ‘the league’ which I don’t know if he has seen.

I see the C.M. Society in their memorial to the D. of N. adopt the supposed existence of a land league which my brother and Mr . Williams repudiate. I had some idea of calling Mr Venn’s notice to this. It is marvellous how errors so often reiterated work their way and ultimately become received as established facts!

I think you have judged wisely in appending to you pamphlet my brother’s letter on the subject tho I should have preferred it in full.

I think with you that the article in ‘The Spectator’ of the 3rd Nov might be reprinted with effect.

I should think the approval of the NZ Governor’s policy and to which your correspondent at Auckland refers, must be that of Sir C. Lewis in the absence of the Duke of Newcastle, and from the sifting of the governor’s statements which has since occurred, it will doubtless … be reversed.

I think you should advertise your pamphlet prominently.

I remain
My dear sir,
Yours very truly
Charles Hadfield

F.W. Chesson Esq