Charles Hadfield to Frederick Chesson, 28 February 1861, C137/98

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C137-98


53 Wood St
28 Feb 61

My dear Sir,

I thank you for your letter recd yesterday. I am happy to find you have been so generous in the distribution of your pamphlet. I find some to whom I have sent them to are much interested in it, and think it very forcible.

I have today a letter from a clergyman from Bath in acknowledgement of yours. He has a brother in NZ who formerly resided at Taranaki, and who indeed has had the House he left there burnt. He mentions the Government having approve the Governor’s policy, and who is all on the side of the governor himself. I have just in reply recommended him to read Sir Wm Martin’s pamphlet, which I have just gone through with very great satisfaction. And I make the same remarks to you which I made to him. As I think it is corroborative of what I said in my last to you respecting my idea of the report of the govt’s approval of Browne’s policy.

I find at page 30-31, Sir W. Martin observes ‘the provisional council at Hawkes Bay passed a resolution on the 20th March 1860 thanking his excellency for his open and equitable reposition of his policy’ which policy the Govt’s reply remarks ‘it will be satisfactory to the Crown to know has been approved by HM’s Government.’

Taking this again, with a paragraph page 5 of my brother’s letter to the Duke of Newcastle written shortly after this resolution of the Hawkes bay Council, I think we have additional reason for thinking it may be a mistake. My brother says ‘But when Col Browne states that he has the authority of HM’s Government for the forcible expulsion of W King from his land, I am obliged to demur’. Any notice which may lead to Sir Wm’ pamphlet being circulated will serve the just cause. It seems a pity it is [price].

I remain
Yours faithfully
Charles Hadfield