Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 11 August 1884, C149/146

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Weale, Charlotte









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-146


22 Montague Place
Russel Square
Monday Evg

Dear Sir,

I think you shd know what the elderly physician says who has seen our Tawhiao, he hopes with care he may soon be better but says he must eat more meat and have altogether a more generous diet. That he is extremely weak and should take a drive daily and get fresh air without exertion. He thinks he should not attempt any walking until he has less pain and a stronger pulse. His liver is out of order, but that is not the chief thing amiss, it is the excessive weakness which requires remedying. The swellings are to be painted with iodine. Tawhiao has agreed to let Mrs Saintsbury give him his medicines wch seems a prudent measure as he is so pleased with the Dr’s compassionate words that he was desirous of having the prescription at once made up and swallowing the whole!

As the Colonial Office undertook the extra expense of an interpreter wch they allow him a drive daily. The Dr said lying under an awning on the … did not give him enough variety of air that a 2 hours drive wd strengthen him or even longer is he enjoyed it and that Hampstead and to get him on high ground wd be better than the parks. Tawhiao is going with Mrs Saintsbury on Wed to Reading … the Dr said ‘yes, get him into the country if you can, but avoid fatigue and feed him up, that is the point.’ Excuse my troubling you abt it, Mr Spencer laughed at the idea of a Dr so I won’t say anything to him as I do not wish to increase my angry feelings by having more of his talk about these maories who are gentlemen and peaceable fellow subjects and dear to our blessed Lord we may be very sure. I was very glad to see Mrs Chesson, I only fear she will have been quite too tired. I asked Dr Liddon if he cd ask the arch Bp to see the natives, I wrote to him today. Mr … has gone abroad so its useless to apply to him.

With kind regards,
Yrs much obliged
C.J.D. Weale