Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 18 August 1884, C149/148

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Weale, Charlotte









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-148


Monday 1/4 past 4
22 M. Place

Dear Mr Chesson,

If I cd see you I cd say much. The gift was not from Her Majesty but from the Earl. Mr Fuller was admirable but Mr Spencer told them ‘from the Queen’. Then when the Earl’s … was read they … the mistake and old Topia was very wrathful. Mr Fuller wishes to go and see them off, he is a Roman Catholic and you wd have been … had you seen Mr Spencer’s look when he … it! Topia’s arm is still painful. The old Tawhiao came out well but Patara and Topia singing joyously. Mr Fuller seemed surprised when mentioned that … Liddon had asked them to dinner and I told him abt Te Wheoro and he was very courteous and congratulated Mr Spencer on my having taken them under my wing and said if they cd get introduced into good society and stay with private families it wd be everything for Te Wheoro. George Skidmore was not here … quite hurt. Mr Spencer is out abt him. Mr Mosley the clergyman of the Ch we went to yesterday was here and gave such a good … and farewell …, and I feel happier. … to hear from you what … Mr Spencer is obstinate says they ought to go on board in the dock. Mr Fuller thinks as I do that the honour of going on Thursday if the ship does not sail until then in the steam … of the orient first accompanied by a few friends wd be the showing them honour and … and that they shd not lose the great good of dining with Liddon. I speak as a man of the world he said and as a politician too and as a Christian also. I hope it will be possible that they do so. I wish you had been here. I can’t write …

Yrs, C.J.D. Weale

I telegraphed to Mrs Grace to come up tonight. I had a note saying the … home and her son well. I told her to oblige me if possible by coming and staying over only by telegram and hope she will arrive soon. Mr Fuller says the Earl answered that the queen did not see them.