Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 31 July 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 32

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 32


Kents Green
July 31

Dear Mr Chesson,

I warmly congratulate you on having obtained this day’s joy for the maories. I was so glad when I came upon it this morning and thought of those maories who 21 years ago went down to Osborne to see Her Majesty and the weather is so lovely. I shd like to be seeing their delight and can fancy how the news will cheer all the tribes. Mrs Saintsbury wrote me work that the maories would be leaving in abt 3 weeks time and she mentioned that I cd have apartments at a house opposite to No 13. I have telegraphed to her to take the rooms for next Tuesday and propose going up then for a fortnight and as seeing rather much of the maories as they will be so close to me. She did not supply me with the name of the landlady or no. of the house; however in my telegram I have asked her to write me word. I hope whilst I am there to have the pleasure of seeing you and Mrs Chesson. I don’t suppose I shall leave the house whilst in town so decidedly the pain is much less when I do not move and this long time of luxury in that respect has been very good for me. I am grateful for the 2nd photographer and thank you for supplying the name and I see that I made a mistake over Tw Wheoro and that the one I supposed was he is Hori Ropihana. I shall be so glad to be really seeing them and am very thankful that their desires have been granted them and congratulate you on having achieved so much for them. Mrs Saintsbury wrote that the maories hoped I wd go up to town on Sat but the Wilson’s much opposed that as Monday is Bank Holiday. I have therefore fixed to go on Tuesday and am wondering if Mr Spencer wd think it a liberty or a trouble if I asked him to come to Paddington Station to meet me: it will be a long journey and I shd be very glad to have someone to greet me and look after my luggage when I reach that bustling place. I don’t propose seeing the maories until Wed then I hope to enjoy plenty of their talk.

I suppose that you and Mr Spencer are both at Osborne with them. You will be tired of this hot weather wh strengthens me will in town rather have the contrary effect on you I fancy. Again congratulations and thanking you with kind regards, I remain,
Yrs sincerely obliged,
C.J. Doratea Weale