Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 4 July 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 25

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Weale, Charlotte






Whitechurch Canonicorum



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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 25


Enclosed £5


July 4

Dear Mr Chesson,

Here is another donation toward supplying the maories with Mr Spencer’s services and a letter from my godmother Mrs Austen, the lady who you saw when you so kindly called on me in 1882, she now lives in …, tells me that she will send you a £5 and another £5 if it be needed but she wishes the maories each to be provided with a Maori bible. But as two other personal friends, English Ch women are likely to send you donations toward providing the Maories with Mr Spencer as chaplain and interpreter that … may now be considered as met. I was in such pain that day so Mrs Wilson proposed that Mr Davidson who is Mr Wilson’s secretary shd send you the £5. Thank you for ack it and for yr note to me. Mr Ed Wilson has just gone to town to be at the Fry’s and will meet the Maories and so tomorrow when he returns I expect to hear all about them. I send you Miss Pricilla Peckover’s note wh please return as it expresses so real an interest in the natives that I think you will enjoy reading it and in ack the enclosed cheque wh is from her you will perhaps feel able to tell her a little more abt them than my pencil note wh Mrs Sturge forwarded to her told. A card to me telling me that you have received the enclosed will oblige. I hope Mr Spencer will feel concerned for the souls of these Maories and daily have prayers and reading with them. How nice is wd be if he cd go back to New Zealand in the same vessel with them.

I am longing to see these Maories, it feels a little hard to have had them so long in England without hearing the sound of their voices. I suppose Mr Spencer will accompany them everywhere, and apt interpreter is indeed very needful. Few Maories know English as well as Sidney Taiwhanga did. Thank you very much for all yr letters and I am very glad to have been at least helpful to you and to the maories by getting together the money needed to supply them with Mr Spencer’s services.

With kindest regards,
Yrs obliged,
C.J.D. Weale

Will you get them each a bible properly bound maori ones, I am hoping soon to get from the binders the prayer books I promised them.