Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 5 June 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 22

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Weale, Charlotte






Whitechurch Canonicorum



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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 22


Whitechurch Canonum
June 5th

Dear Mr Chesson,

Thanks for yr note wh … can’t you get Mr Gorst to renew acquiantance with Te Wheoro and … Patara of whom in his ‘Maori King’ book he spoke so highly. Please let me have the full postal address …. I don’t know these Maories but Mr Grace mentioned the rich elderly Tupia Turoa last … one of his letters. Surely Patara can write English. I shd like to hear from them if Mr G. Skidmore or … Patara wd write to me. Many of those wh were kind to Maories in 1882 no longer reside in town and some are dead and some are away just now. The Rev G.H. Rust, St Mark’s Church, Magdalen Square, EC, I am sure wd see them if you wrote … address and asked him to give up a day to … them abt etc. I have waited to know their whereabouts to write to some.

I know how busy you are but when yr letter came just now, I cd have cried because it did not tell me more. I want to know a great deal. Tawhiao used to drink heavily and the maories felt it keenly. Te Wheoro and Patara are no ordinary men. I feel for their forlorn position. Maories are hospitable and look to be hospitably treated especially by those calling themselves Christians. Bp Abraham wishes Mrs Selwyn not to invite them to Lichfield. I feel … wrathful. I wish you wd write to Mrs Selwyn (not mentioning my name in the matter) and supply her with their address and give it to the Maories that they may write to her: The Close, Lichfield. However foolish they are in coming now that they are here they shd be well treated! And not left out in the cold. Mrs Selwyn helped the others with a donation, these don’t need that but they do need to be kindly and friendly treated by English gentry. Do these Maories know my name at all? You may have them my address please, but I can’t write more.

Yrs gratefully,
C. Weale