Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, 8 December 1882, C149/141

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Weale, Charlotte






Whitechurch Canonicorum



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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-141


Decr 8 1882 Ch House
Whitechurch Canonicorum

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the copies … of the pamphlet. I have had a very trying letter ab the maories from the Bishop of Auckland, writing of statements given him (he does not mention the name of his informants) to the … of the maories but the only fact wh he gives we knew long ago from Sidney himself that he had a wife and children in New Zealand and … the Bp’s informant tells him, unprovided for during his absence. The Maories as a rule expect all their family to be cared for by their tribe, but as she was a half European and a widow when he married her, perhaps the Maories told her to go to the English for support however, that is only my conjecture. The Bp’s letter I have shown to several Dr Liddon and others and all think it unloving and … and some say cross and surly, but the letter in the Guardian for the moment made me very wrathful and Mr Herbert … was very indignant. I have written a long say ab it to the Bishop and also to the only 3 clergymen who cd know ab the men and have said as Herbert does that if they wished to speak ill of Sidney they shd have done so while he was in England or before he came. No earthly good purpose cd be achieved by writing on October the 10th and its all so contradictory to the previous statement ‘they are communicants.’ All Wm and Sidney told us was quite in accordance with Lady Martin and Mrs Selwyn’s acct. However, had I been able to go to atest I shd have gone thither this week as Sir Arthur Gordon is there and I wd have liked a talk with him to hear his acct and tell him my version of the Maori’s visit to England and the Maories own acct of themselves. Herbert is much … by the way Sir Arthur Gordon speaks.

We have already had snow here and I am keeping in 2 rooms and one out of the other and ct go and journey unless a mild day came and Xmas is nearing. But you may suppose I have a strong desire to see Sir Arthur Gordon: so if it became quite mild again next week will go off to St George’s School. The Red House Sir Arthur’s is opposite and lady Gordon has always been friendly towards me when we have met. What sort of a governor will the new one be? I am indeed sorry abt the Madagascar affair tho I hope if our Governor is firm the French may be kept in check. But the treatment natives receive at the hand of so called civilized governments is atrocious. I send by today’s post a little book wch I came across lately and read to some children who explained that thoughts of v little ones and as it has been my habit all my life long ot give presents on my birthday. We were taught the good practice as children so … myself the pleasure of sending it. I can’t remember if my namesake Julia is small enough for it to be considered suitable to hand to her. I am glad that Mrs Chesson was able to … Folkestone. But the weather is very cold even here now. I have many letters to write and my hand is overtired, as I can feel for you and know you must often be very weary.

With kind regard to Mrs chesson and love to yr daughters.

Yrs sincerely, C.J.D. Weale

Dr Liddon, Mr Kelly and others are delighted with the letters they have received from the maories. The Bp wrote to me ‘as between ourselves’ wh is … I don’t admire read in the light of his letter to the Guardian.