Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, July 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 33

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Weale, Charlotte









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 33



Dear Mr Chesson,

A note from Mr Spencer tells me that the maories will be leaving the end of this month or early in August, that being so I think I must on Monday go to London, my friends here are all removing to their country seat on Tuesday and I was to go with them for 3 weeks and then up to town to be nr the maories for a week or two, but as the Wilson’s house … between Worcester and … abt 5 miles from a station it seems a useless expenditure of strength to go with them on Monday only to stay there for a week. So we decide that if I am to see the maories I shd go up to London on Monday next, wh feels all in hot haste but I rely on yr kindness to find me a suitable lodging. One had best say for one week or two. The requisites are 2 rooms on one floor and the drawing room floor wd be the most airy because I shd not attempt any going out when once there. I shd remain in (I should come alone and be glad if Mr Spencer cd meet me at Euston Station) my rooms until I left as its walking up steps wh so tries me, but if such rooms can’t be procured I shall content myself with whatever is found only the rooms must not be on different floors and a tidy servt I shd be glad to find able to help me undress. I can dress myself, but I am sure to be very ready to go to bed by the time I arrive at the lodgings. Mr Spencer wrote me a long letter of apologies for not having answered my questions but said he had no time but the time occupied in writing his apologies wd have written replies to all I have been wishing to know. Yr note abt his not having been ordained last Sunday is startling after his of last week saying he was going to Durham that next day. I quite feel the maories ought to see something of me, if it can be managed. I shall be truly grateful if you will secure me suitable lodgings, clean and quiet and with all the desirables. I shall be very grateful to you. Mr Wilson told us last evg of a horrid article in the Pall Mall abt the maories. I wish Mr Gorst wd write an article in the 19th Century and that Mr Spencer wd put in a statement as to these men’s standing and good behaviour into the Guardian. I am sorry to have to give you so much trouble and to send … telegraphs to you.

Thanks for yr note recieved yesterday.

Yrs obliged heartily,
C. Weale