Charlotte Weale to Frederick Chesson, November 1884, G99 Vol. 1 – 44

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Weale, Charlotte









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 44


14 Wynnstay Gardens
Kensington W
Thurs Evg

Dear Mr Chesson,

Yr note has just arrived, and you probably have just received mine. Thank you so much for writing. One must not let me self wish abt a think wh can’t be altered, but the Selwyns friend, the Rev John and Mrs Still leave for Tangeriro Saturday and they know maori slightly. However, its useless to wish for impossibilities. I shd greatly like to see Te Wheoro and G. Skidmore. I suppose they will come up to Charing Cross and go to some hotel near that. Certainly they present air of London and any excitement or moving wd be bad for them. I can’t or at least must not attempt stairs but mostly there are hotel lifts. I shd like to go and see him on Monday and having a steadfast will to accomplish it suppose that I shall achieve it. I shall trust to yr letting me know where he will be located on arriving in London. On many acct I shd suppose that they shd on Tuesday go straight off to Torquay, there is a quick train from Waterloo is there not at something after ten wh wd get them down to Torquay before the chill of the evg comes in, but it will be a long journey for him poor fellow!

It all feels in a hurry and I am all in a state of overwearyness from pain. Perhaps that good Mr Ashbury has written to someone to look after Te Wheoro. If Captain Erskine is at home, he is very kind and dependable and has so suffered from his lungs that he wd be compassionate and kind and if at home at Torquay go and see Te Wheoro. … Erskine is so fond of me and like her husband is so good that I am sure they wd be helpful if at home. I will write tomorrow to them abt Te Wheoro. Also to Mrs Grace for I think she ought to try and come up on Monday and see Te Wheoro. I know how busy and tired you must be. I have had just had letters from 2 of the wives of officers gones off to Africa to settle! Bechuana affairs so my heart is full of their anxieties and cannot write very steadily. I have not been out since I came up last week as all shaking in cabs so hurts me, but I must try and bear the drive and go and see the maori and rely on yr letting me know where.

With kindest regards,
C.J.D. Weale