David Carley to Frederick Chesson, 10 April 1886, C128/93

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Carley, David








Western Australia

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-93


Perth April 10


I received your letter of the 26 of Feb and before this reaches you Mr Gribble’s statements will be in your hands. You mention the Bishop of Perth in your letter to myself I have informed you in one of my letters that when the Bishop visited the Nor West I spoke to him at Cassack of the slavery and other cruelties done unto the native I also pointed out to him several native girls that I was then protecting girls not more than eight years of age which had been … assaulted by white men in or near the town site of Cassack and that the police and magistrates would not protect them the Bishop then said he was sure that his friend Mr Lawrance … would give every one justice in answer to that I said bring me to the proof and I will prove that the native do not get any justice no myself for protecting them he must have seen the terrible accounts which has appeared in the newspapers for many years and I have never known one case of his interference Mr Gribble informed myself that the Bishop censured him for making known the contents of his journal and I hope that he will be well supported as he richly deserves to be I wish I had been on board the Natal at the time the ruffians attacked him as I know their cowardly disposition I think my memorial to the Secretary of State is very plain and bold when I inform him that one of England’s colonies is steeped to its neck in rapine slavery and murder and as I have defended these murdered slaves to the best of my ability for 13 years and to my complete ruin so I will defend them to the last as I have long since given up all hope of aid from any quarter.

Forty eight years ago I lived in New Orleans and I have seen American slavery which is white as snow when compared with the murders and cruelties done in this country under the British flag.

Yours truly
David Carly
West Australia

Gold is found in large quantities in the Kimberly District
God help the native.