David Carley to Frederick Chesson, 12 March 1886, C128/92

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Carley, David








Western Australia

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-92


Perth March 12 1886

To F.W. Chesson Esq


In January last I directed and sent a letter to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, also a copy of the same to yourself. I should like to know if you have recd the same, it was due in London Feb 23 86. I have not received any letter from yourself since Aug 14 1884, tho I have sent a large number of letters and newspapers directed to yourself. You Sir will now receive for Revd Mr John B Gribble an account of the Gascoyne, of which he informed me he is about to return, which I am most sorry to hear, as though my long experience of the North West, I feel certain that he will be in great danger, with no friend at hand … and no one will tell, who done the deed; the police will not and cannot protect him, and he like myself will not obtain any law or justice in Perth, therefore if anything be done to bring the slavers and murderers, of the ‘North West’, to justice, it must be done in London, as this Governor will not allow the dark deeds of the ‘North West’ to be brought to light. On the 1st of Jan 1884 I was sworn on oath before a Justice of the Peace in Perth, that I could not obtain any law or justice from the magistrates at Roebourne and Cassack, Messrs Sholl, Pearce, and Lawrence, for the natives or myself, also that Fred Pearce, Justice of the Peace, did sell with the cutter Louisa ten natives, this also has been hushed up. Bring this case forward, Sir, and it will expose the whole of the system of slavery and murder of this country.

When Governor Broome was called home on account of the ‘Mauritius Scandal’, had my means allowed me to have gone at the time, he would not have come back governor of this country.

He is at present spending his time at Rottnest, shooting and dishing as tho disinterested in any matters respecting the benefit of the colony and many who are in it.

Yours respectfully
David Carley
Godrich Street