David Carley to Frederick Chesson, 1884, C128/84

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Carley, David








Western Australia

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-84


Perth 26 1884


This is the sixth letter I have sent to you since last July three of them registered I have received two from you altogether and I do not know if you have received them since Jan 1884 I have sent to you a large account of crimes far worse than any I have read of about New Guinea and I have staying in Perth to prove what I swore to on Jan 2 1884 the sale of ten natives by F. Pearce but the only one punished and ruined for exposing the slavery and murders of this place is myself if this is not exposed and and these slavers brought to trial the chains of these natives are more firmly … than ever as these magistrates will now be sure that the natives and myself cannot obtain any justice even in England I have sent you fresh murders March Biddle Crawford and nothing done to the murderers but what is to be expected from a government who have for many years shut their eyes to the hundreds of crimes that has and is committed convicted murders to commit more crimes which go unpunished it was in the power of the governor and others to have stopt these crimes being done if they had wished it by simply bringing the reports which I and others have made to trial and see if they was true but it appears to myself that there is no law or justice to be had not even in England but as soon has I can get the means to come home I will without fail bring these persons to punishment.

John … is the man who bought the 25 natives also the man who kidnapped the boy … the case which I gave to the attorney general at his own request thinking he would bring the case to trial but all is hushed up (for the present) the pearl ninty six grains is worth at least £3000 yet all the natives get is a little flour twice in the day and plenty of blows Sir I hope you do not belive that these magistrates who has been coniving at the atrocities which I have proved many times and for many years that they will now act up to the law and give the natives justice they will not and do not at the present time but I am waiting to see if they are really above the law there is a vast deal to be done and explained before they can get justice I hope the governor in his lecture at the Colonial Institute will speak of the slavery and murders at the Nor West of Australia.

D. Carly

There is a large number of men in Perth out of work and none to be had at present.