David Carley to Frederick Chesson, 26 January 1885, C128/85

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Carley, David








Western Australia

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-85


Perth Jan 26 1885


On the 8th I went to the Supreme Court to hear the trial of P.G. Hanalham I there saw that convicted murderer in his sergeants uniform W. Vincent convicted for killing on old native man seventy years of age Hanalham is the man I reported to Governor Robinson with being bribed with a valuable pearl to condone the murder of a native boy he was one of the police who nearly murdered myself in Roebourne he did also shoot and kill several natives at the Grange Bay he is the man I saw and spoke to on the Roebourne Road who was dragging the native chained to his horse along the road after the style of Thacabidy also when Arnot Francico saw the man terror stricken and bleeding said what would they say in England if they knew this what have they said of the years of horrible crimes which I have sent you what do they say to the cries of those raped children and woman the wholesale murders the undisguised slavery of this Crown Colony of England what will they say (for hear it they shall) to the years of percicutions and swindles done to myself by the magistratacy (Pearce Sholl Lawrence) for exposing the crimes that is done to the defenceless native from Sep 1872 surely Englands honour is well upheld by convicted murderers of police and slave owning magistrates who is protected in Perth from the punishment done to their crimes till the Nor West is soden with human blood and no help they have not dared to bring myself to the proof of what I swore to an Jan 2nd 1884 the sale of ten natives by F. Pearce and yet he holds a commission as Justice of the Peace under the British Crown I was persuaded to swear to these facts under the pretence that they would be brought to trial in the Supreme Court nearly to stop me from coming to London and to let this die out but it shall not this is quite sufficient proof I have waited more than 12 months my witnesses being working men cannot always stay in Perth or near it therefore I shall not give any further evidence in Perth but as soon as I can earn my passage money I shall come home I will then make the ears of the people of England tingle with horror and shame to know that such murderous work is done under the England flag with the full knowledge of the authorities of West Australia. And no one will disbelieve me after the proof I have now given as I have now proved beyond any doubt that slave dealing is not a punishable offence in West Australia and as such I shall do my best to make it known through the world I hope that the Sec of State will see this for there must be justice done on those slavers and murderers of the Nor West. I sent you the West Australian newspaper of Act 24 1884 with the account of Nawaraba case they hung him at Champion Bay in the same paper was a Crawford case who murdered the native by shooting him twice while running away he was allowed to make his escape and nothing done to arrest the murderer as it is well known in Perth that he is in Sidney P.C. Mahar and Biddle who beat in the brains of a native while on their way to the De Grey River is discharged Mr Lawrence G.R. was his judge he abused me for reporting to Governor Robinson murder and bribery and hushed up the case. I have been talking in Perth to the notorious kidnappers Tome Mountain and H McCaffery and they say that they shall not go niger hunting any more as I have made it to hot for that game. I think you must admit that I have had some persecution and punishment on account of of staying in Perth to prove what I made oath to on Jan 2 1884 in the total loss of business and all the money that I had or I should have come home before this and I have had many years of the same it is a hard task but I shall yet share in England the full extent of what I have seen reported and done and how I have been persecuted.

D. Carly