David Leask to Frederick Chesson, 29 May 1886, C140/76

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Leask, David


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C140-76


British Columbia
29th May 1886

To the Aborigines Protection Society

Dear Sirs,

We the people of Metlakahtla beg to inform you that we have heard by Mr Duncan of your kind and Christian thoughtfulness in considering our trouble about our land, affecting not only us but also other tribes of this province.

We have laid this matter before the Government nearly four years ago and in spite of our most earnest protest they assert that our land, the land of our forefathers for ages is no longer our property.

Last summer we sent three of our people as delegates to Ottawa. The chiefs of the Indian affairs promised to consider our complaint. We are waiting for their letter. But instead of sending us a letter the Government have sent a surveyor who passed here yesterday on his way to Nass River to survey Indian lands without waiting for us to agree with what they are doing. We fear trouble will arise among Indians of this province.

We feel we are not the persons to blame if any serious trouble should happen concerning this land question for these years we have been patiently seeking for justice, but in spite of our petitions protests and requests the Government claim our land to sell to give it away as their own property.

Now we would address you as our Christian friends and brothers that we hope and trust that God may bless your effort in your labor to relieve your oppressed and weak brethren. A special prayer on behalf of your labor we pour before God that he may enable you to carry out your good work faithfully that the ‘ancient landmarks’ should not be removed unlawfully.

Now we must conclude and trust that our Lord the rewarder of His faithful workers may guide and direct your course in your great work to bear your fellow creatures burden.

For the people of Metlakahtla
David Leask