Elizabeth Whitfield to Frederick Chesson, 10 September 1884, C149/200

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Whitfield, Elizabeth









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C149-200


97 Fellows Road
South Hampstead
Sep 10th 1884

Dear Mr Chesson,

I feel as if I must thank you for the very nice letter you put in the ‘Standard’ tho you may think it impertinent of me to do so. It really comes from the gratitude of my heart. I did feel it so hard to know many would read it and believe the one sent by Mr Bourdillon. The letters that I have received this evening are rather more cheering I think, and one of them shows up more of Brand’s admirable proceedings at the time of arbitration. I also enclose you a letter I received 2 days ago from a Mr Anderson which gave me some anxiety, for fear he should do anything rash in the way of publishing letters which would irritate Brand. I wrote at once to him, and said if the letters he spoke of did use the words contained in his letter, I felt it would be most unwise to publish them, neither could I consider them strict truth, and I added how you particularly urged the neccesity of our doing nothing to irritate Brand. I gather from his letter altogether that he is given to be rather strong in his expressions, for I don’t think Miss Foxwell would use the word murder in the way he does, tho her enthusiasm is very undesirable.

I do regret to worry you with letters during your holiday.

Believe me
Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Whitfield

Do you think there would be any use in someone applying to Holland for their interest? Friends of mine suggested it, and I fancied Holland would have no power over the Boers now.

[Enclosure to C149/200 filed as C155/22. The other implied enclosures were likely to have been 157/115-116]