Eugene Casalis to Frederick Chesson, 26 May 1883, C128/72

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-72


Paris 26 May 1883

Dear Mr Chesson,

I see by the papers of the Cape, that Mr Scanlen owning to the resistance of the chief Mashupa, foresees that the Cape government shall be forced to abandon Basutoland, and that Mr Merriman a member of the Cape parliament will shortly arrive in England to urge on Mr Gladstone the necessity of replacing Basutoland under the protection and control of Her Majesty the Queen in accordance with the arrangement made by Sir Philip Wodehouse.

This induces me to write to you that in my opinion and that of every member of our mission, there is no other means to restore peace in that ill-fated country and make it happy and prosperous as it was under the sway of the home government. I beg in consequence that you will avail yourself through the Aborigines Protection Society, of the present favourable terms of affairs of which Mr Merriman seems to be the harbinger. I have no doubt it is your desire.

Basutoland has too great a right to our sympathy and Christian interest to perish before our eyes, and that would be the case if it were abandoned both by the Cape government and that of England.

Believe me, dear Mr Chesson,
Yours most truly,
E. Casalis

Rue L’anguilin No. 5