Francis Baring Gould to Frederick Chesson, 3 May 1886, C135/165

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Gould, Francis Baring








Cape Colony

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C135-165


Kimberley Club

May 3rd 1886


I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the ‘Advertiser’ a newspaper published here containing a letter on the ‘compound system’ as it is a matter of great importance not only to the [place?] but to the native question generally in this colony or rather South Africa generally, I feel sure that it will receive due consideration from the society you represent as it would take a very long letter to give you anything like a … of the importance of the question. I have written by this mail to Sir Charles Warren who is intimately acquainted not only with the mines of Kimberley but can and I feel sure will be only too pleased to explain how far the evil results of drink and bad influences learned in this place have affected the native races in South Africa. I would refer you also to Sir Henry Barkly Sir Hercules Robinson and in fact everyone who has had any knowledge of Kimberley. We require strong support from England in this matter, as unfortunately as you will gather, it affects great interests here, and it will be almost impossible to in any way meet these interests without doing away with the benefit we have already derived now and more to still more obtain when the system is more effectively carried out. Sir Joseph Pease who is I believe greatly interested in your Society will remember me as an old acquaintance.

I am

F Baring Gould

To the
Aborigines Society