Frederick Hamilton Spencer to Frederick Chesson, 15 September 1884, C147/223

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Spencer, Frederick Hamilton









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Bodleian Libraries

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C147-223


34 Wilkinson St
Clapham Rd

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter and hasten to answer it. The questions you ask relative to Major Te Wheoro are somewhat difficult to answer for obvious reasons but I will endeavour to make a few remarks which may be satisfactory.

First I did my best to persuade him to go to Folkestone but he was very indisposed at the time and wanted to keep quiet but when I set before him Miss Weale’s great love to the maories, he said he would go on Monday and accordingly he set off to go, but he missed the first train and feeling so very unwell he came home and as far as I know kept indoors for the next two or three days.

He has the greatest regard for Miss Weale and appreciates her great kindness.

From being constantly with him and Mr Skidmore I have every reason to believe that their conduct is quite irreproachable, and there is no ground for the least suspicious as to their life. I often go in and read and pray with them. Which they seem to appreciate. Today I took them out to Rickmansworth and they are remaining there for a day or so. The Major was to have dined at Mrs Hutchinson’s tonight but changed his mind and stayed behind at Rickmansworth.

Hoping you are enjoying your holidy.

I beg to remain
Yours very faithfully
Fred H Spencer