Frederick Hamilton Spencer to Frederick Chesson, 25 July 1884, C147/216

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Spencer, Frederick Hamilton









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C147-216


In haste

26 St Stephens Sq
Bayswater W

Dear Sir,

I called twice at your office this afternoon, but did not find you in. Te Wheoro was rather anxious to see you too, and with him I hope to see Mr Gorst tomorrow if possible.

I was led to understand by Lady Brassey that the saloon carriage placed at our disposal yesterday for the trip to Battle was settled for and told the natives the same but at the last minute found that £7-7-0 had to be paid and owning to want of time I paid it myself, and I scarcely like to ask them for it, for I know their funds are rather low but I can see no help for it, only if in the future they have to pay for such trips they will have to decline. And in reply to the invitation to go to the great Temperance demonstration next Wednesday, I must see whether ‘a saloon carriage engaged’ means paid for.

I am sorry to find from Mr Fuller that the attention paid to the Maories is confined to a few visits to buildings, Windsor, Portsmouth and Woolwich and only their actual travelling with be paid for with meals on the way, and that they will not be otherwise provided for. Now they are disgusted at this, for they are longing to get out of their present quarters. I have written a few lines to Mr Gorst on the matter.

Mr Fuller (Colonial Office) only wants my services on certain days, 2 or three times a week beginning on Monday, but I don’t wish to keep Miss Weale at any further expense and so shall send in an account to date, just for the actual time engaged. Unless she wishes me to continue with their journey the remainer of their stay in England, which I will gladly do.

The guinea paid yesterday, as my share to Battle, will bring the receipts and expenditure of travelling expenses rather the wrong way, but that will not matter. I little more than 6p has also been paid for telegrams etc, but £15 is an even sum.

I by to remain etc
Fred H Spencer