Frederick Hamilton Spencer to Frederick Chesson, 4 August 1884, C147/219

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Spencer, Frederick Hamilton









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C147-219


26 St Stephens Sq
Bayswater, W

Dear Sir,

Your letter just to hand. Relative to Mr Bowder, as previous engagement was made with Mr Fuller on Friday and I knew nothing about Mr Bowder till getting into the carriage at 12. When Te Wheoro and Tahwiao said that no engagement with him had been made, because Tawhiao decidedly and distinctly refused to go because he said the government had engaged them, if Mr Skidmore promised for them, none of us are to blame. When told that Tawhiao had refused the Alexander Palace, I felt no compunction in taking them as agreed on Friday last. They are practically engaged to go with Mr Fuller this week and together with them we make the appointments but if of course contrary to the engagement made at your office and by you I am told nothing of engagements made, clashes are inevitable.

I thought it was distinctly understood that I was to be the mediator; one was wanted and I undertook the far from easy and pleasant task, and shall do my best for all concerned but I must be considered, otherwise my best efforts will be in vain.

Relative to the Lord Mayor there is no engagement for Thursday and so I do not see that any danger of their not turning up there need be apprehended.

I am going to meet Miss Weale at Paddington.

I certainly heard nothing of the Archbishop’s invitation.

Hoping to see you at … building at 10:45 … for the present

I remain
Yours very faithfully
Fred H Spencer