Frederick Hamilton Spencer to Frederick Chesson, 7 July 1884, C147/214

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Spencer, Frederick Hamilton









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C147-214


34 Wilkinson St
Clapham Rd

Dear Sir,

My conduct without explanation is certainly to be condemned, but the fact is as follows. Last Friday I received letters from New Zealand relative to my ordination as priest and I never thought that it could take place before September, but on Monday as I was going down to the Maories I received an urgent telegram to go up to Clapham and on most important business and there found that my ordination would, if matters could be arranged, take place next Sunday at Durham and in the meantime I have to be examined. Now it is all important from every point of view that I must comply with this, otherwise I would give offence to my superiors. I at once … my relations to the Maories and asked that the examination might be so arranged as not to interfere with an needful business and so at the great risk of failure in my examination I went off as you know to the dinner on Monday, a bad thing precede an examination. … on Tuesday and was all day with the Maories at the Crystal Palace, have again been with Te Wheoro and Bp Hadfield and Mr Rusden from 12 to 1:15pm and am now trying to do what I can with my examination, through rather fatigued with so much going about. I shall be examined all day tomorrow doing two days work in one, shall probably go up to Durham on Friday night, returning either on Monday night or Tuesday morning at 5am.

When I hope to be able if wanted to do as I hoped to have done all this week. I hope you will consider that I have a good excuse for my action. I shall not look for the same for this week as if I was altogether with the Maories. Any communication after tomorrow to be made with 26, St Stephen’s Avenue, Bayswater, W.

Hoping all will go well in spite of this break.

I remain
Yours very faithfully
Fred H Spencer

You will see that I have not made an engagement, is has been made for me and I cannot escape it.