Froome Talfourd to Frederick Chesson, 14 July 1885, C148/220

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C148-220


St Ann’s Hill

14 July 85

Dear Mr Chesson,

[Wanleus?] applied to me for your address which I gave him. Like his predecessor Logan he has the old complaint that the Munsees have not been treated fairly by the govt but that matter has been gone thoroughly into by the Indian Department and will not be opened again. [Wanbeus?] is a good Christian man, but never was fond of work and delights in travelling. He belonged to the Munsee band of the Thames, who have no annuity from the govt but have always lived on the Chippewa Reserve in Carradoe, where they have one mile square of excellent land.

The Moravian Band (also Delawares) live about 40 miles lower down on the Thames and have a large annuity from govt payable half yearly, so [Wanbaio?] went down to Moraviantown and married a Moravian woman and settle among them. He was over in England some years ago, with this old complaints, and did nothing but liked it so well that he comes again last year and inducts some of his family and others, 6 in all to come also. They have been about Leeds Newcastle etc. giving concerts and lectures on Indian customs etc, with the intention of raising money to build a schoolhouse etc at Munsee Town and also ath Moravian Town but I believe little or nothing has been realized for this purpose. His son and … have been here several times wanting me to engage mission rooms etc for them, which I try to discourage. A portion of the party have returned home, and the son has never gone down to Leeds where his wife and child are in poor health. One more, [Wellis Tineshy?] is down in that part but I think not likely to come to London I wish they were all safely back home, for their living and travelling will cost all they can make.

I succeeded in getting from the New England Company a grant of £10 which I sent direct to their agent Mr Gordon Strathroy to help this building. [Waubeno?] has been for many years an abstainer from all intoxicants and works well in this cause among his people. Wm J. Palmer of Reading brother of George is a great supporter of this cause and I have [Wanbeno?] a letter introducing him. As the party is now small and the son has gone to his wife at Leeds I hope they will give up the concert business.

[Wanbeno?] is applying to the Propagation Society to reprint the Hymn and Prayer book kin the Delaware language, as a very few of these books now remain. Not many can be wanted as the young people now learn English. The Society I think will do this, if the Bishop of Huron [Baldwin] sanctions it. I have written to him and [Wanbuo?] now awaits his reply to the Society and if they do it he will I suppose remain to see it through the press.

He desires to know some of the good Quakers as his forefathers made the treaty with Penn.

Yours truly
F. Talfourd

F.W. Chesson Esq