Henry Bulwer to John William Akerman, 10 June 1876, C123/75, in Akerman to Chesson, 14 June 1876, C123/71

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Bulwer, Henry


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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C123-75


No 2.
Reply from Sir Henry Bulwer to Mr Akerman M.L.C.

June 10th 1876

Dear Mr Akerman,

I have received your note. What I wished you to understand, when you called on me the other day with reference to the conference, was this. That under the circumstances I felt that it was not only no part of my duty, but that I could not and ought not to suggest, or say anything that would suggest, to the Secretary of State that with His Lordship rested the duty to decide which of the two members nominated by the council should have a seat at the conference, in the event of its being sufficiently enlarged to admit only one; or suggest or say anything that would suggest to Lord Carnarvon which of the two members he should name. That duty belonged to the council. The council were invited to name, they were given the opportunity of naming, and they informed me that they would name, but subsequently they changed their mind and purposely refrained from naming. A duty of this kind, which they themselves declined to perform, they could not with propriety leave to the Secretary of State to perform; nor do I believe was it their intention to do so.

They asked me to forward their address, and this I engaged to do.

I am of course prepared to transmit any representations which you may wish to make to the Secretary of State.

Believe me
Dear Mr Akerman
Faithfully yours
(signed) Henry Bulwer
J.W. Akerman Esq, M.L.C.