Henry Parry to Frederick Chesson, 24 September 1886, G98

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98



West Malvern

Sept 24 1886

Dear Sir,

I send you a copy of a letter addressed by me a few weeks back to the ‘Australian Times’ thinking it right to put you in possession of the facts with reference to the Rev. Mr Gribbles’s mission to the Gascoyne country in my Diocese. I may add to what I have then stated that I am most anxious to carry out some steady system of missionary efforts on behalf of the native races of these northern districts; and regret much that Mr Gribble has failed to take up that work wisely and patiently. With all his enthusiasm on behalf of the natives, he lacks the qualities essential to the right prosecution of such work. The Roman Catholics, working steadily and quietly despite of opposition, have already a flourishing Mission amongst them in our Colony, and have gained the confidence and support of the community in their work. I must still hope to be able to do the same, but it cannot be under Mr Gribble’s direction.

I trust to be in London again early in December and then to see my way a little better to my plan of operation, meanwhile I will only say that the one in which I shall hope to obtain some such cooperation and help in England for some years to come.

Believe me to remain,
Yours v. faithfully,
H.H. Perth

To C.S. Chesson, Esq
Sec to the Aborigines Protection Society