Heta te Haara to Charlotte Weale, 26 October 1882, G98-57

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te Haara, Heta


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-57


Copy of translation of the letter from Heta te Haara, the chief of Ohaeawai
Bay of Islands
New Zealand

Ohaeawai October 26th 1882

To Miss Weale,

Greetings to you from your Maori tribe. Great is my love to you. My heart thought you were dead because you have not written a letter to us. And therefore we thought you were dead but when your letter came to Hare Peka we said you are still alive, and then your Maori tribe knew you were not dead. Great is the evil in this part. Many are the laws of the government, and the Maories are confused by the many laws; we cannot comprehend them. Formerly, great was the good, now great is the evil. It is little use our building churches. We are so troubled and confused by the numberless laws that we do not know what is best. The government are desirous this year to take away our lands so that we may have no power left with regard to them. I am displeased at the missionaries sons who have seats in Parliament because they do not speak for us, and therefore I told the clergymen who ministers to the Maories here that the children of the missionaries had better return to the good work of their fathers instead of becoming members of parliament in New Zealand where these is such confusion. The reason I say this is they were born in this land with us and therefore they should not be hard to us. Some are hard to us, some are very good to us. My talk is done. My god take care of you. Your newspaper has come to me. From Heta te Haara (Seth).