Heta te Haara to Charlotte Weale, 8 December 1882, G98-61

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te Haara, Heta


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G98-61


December 8 1882
Bay of Islands
New Zealand

Friend, Miss Weale I salute you, this to you. Sidney Taiwhanga and his party have arrived, and a meeting of the tribe Ngapuhi has been held, to hear what they had to say. Great was the satisfaction of all Nhapuhi in listening to the talk of Sidney and his companions. One part of the talk Ngapuhi did not like, namely that the Maori lands should be given over to the people of England to take care of. Ngapuhi desires to be very cautious on this subject, but they were very pleased at much that was said, and it was agreed that when they had signed their own names to the Petition, they should send it to others to sign, and then it should be forwarded to their friends in England to attend to. It was also agreed at the meeting that Ngapuhi should not pay taxes for their lands, either with or without Crown grants. This was all that was said at the meeting and now I have no more to say. If this letter reaches you write to me. My talk is ended.

Do not give up writing to me.

From your loving and true friend.

Heta te Haara