Hori Ropiha to Frederick Chesson, 2 December 1884, C145/222

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Ropiha, Hori


Indigenous person






New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C145-222


New Zealand
Waipawa Napier Dec 2 1884

To Mr. Chesson,

This is a greeting from me to Mr Chesson.

Friend how are you? Hope you are well. We have all … safely in N.Z. I have seen all my people of the Ngati Rahunganu tribe and those at Napier and Wellington Europeans and Maori are resting quietly but the ‘Court’ was the only thing that we observed. The Court is managed by a company and is composed of foolish men. I went to a town called Hastings where the Court was sitting and tried to break it up. But they would not listen to my words. If power had been given to me I should have made an end to the Court.

Friend. The Maoris are cheated and oppressed. Nevertheless they listen to us who have just returned from England. The chiefs and the tribes and their advisors have consented to sign a petition for me to send to you and Mr Gorst to be presented to Lord Derby. As the representative of the queen and her Government.

The people consent to and think highly of the petition which is being sent to Lord Derby. I will send the names of the people who present the petition and also those who have taken the blue ribbon.

I continue to go to the various tribes in my district to urge them to give up their Courts and all other bad things that Europeans and Maoris may live peaceably together in New Zealand.

May God bless the Queen and her government.

To Mr. Chesson from Hori Ropiha