Hori Ropiha to Frederick Chesson, 25 June 1885, C145/284

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Ropiha, Hori


Indigenous person




Hawkes Bay


New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C145-284


Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

June 25/85

Dear Mr Chesson,

I have received your letter of the 2nd of April 1885.

Naiti …, a well known Maori scholar amongst the Maoris, translated it for us I was very much pleased when I received your letter.

Meanwhile, it rejoices me that you have written a letter to Major Te Wheoro’ and also to the New Zealand government.

Should you receive the answer of yours to the government of New Zealand, please admit Mr Gorst to help you in studying it. Please let us hear always from you of the answers of that petition which we laid in your Parliament. The Maoris are improving in their deeds.

I have not gone through the Islands yet, but I am still on my journey.

Eleven thousands five hundred and fifty-nine Maoris have joined the Blue Ribbon, and there are some more to come.

The Waikato people also joined it.

It is true the Maori people are improving in their church building and school establishment. But according to the petition which I, Tawhiao, and others laid before you, I am afraid the faith of the Maoris will not increase.

I have spoken to them (1) that they should unite themselves in one accord, to abolish those deeds which caused their grievances. (2) That the Treaty of Waitangi is still in existence.

Some of the colonists are hearing these words of mine, blamed me.

They sent a bill to Parliament as to stop my work, but I never took notice of it.

It is true, our grievances are increasing now.

I remain
Your true friend
Hori Ropiha

To Mr Chesson