Hori Te Aroatua and Iratene Hapuku to Charlotte Weale, 4 July 1883, G99 Vol 1 – 2

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te Aroatua, Hori, and Iratene Hapuku


Indigenous person




Hawkes Bay


New Zealand

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 22 / G99 Vol 1 – 2


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Hawke Bay, Napui Ahiriri
Hawke Paa Te Aute Poutepele
July 4th 1883

To Miss Weale,

We two, that is Te Malene … and myself thank you.

Greetings to you Miss Weale and to the great church council in England and to Queen Victoria, and to Edward Prince of Wales, who is to be king after Queen Victoria. May we live long, and may Jehovah, the god of all the thousands upon the earth, take care of us, through Jesus Christ our saviour amen.

Te Hapuku and myself have heart of all that was said of Sidney Taiwhanga and Te Puhi Parose on their arrival in England and of your exceeding great love; and that your council … even to the Prince of Wales had sent great love to the tribes of this island of New Zealand, who are lead with the laws of the government of this island of New Zealand. The name of the queen is placed upon these laws of the government to make the maori tribes think that they really come from the queen, which are depriving us of our land.

On the arrival of Sidney Taiwhanga and … on the 15th of June 1883 … they discussed the laws of the government of New Zealand wh are injuring the maori tribes, and wh differ from the laws of the Treaty of Waitangi, when our lands were paid for by blankets and iron pots, and sugars and plows and spirits, and when the maori has learned better, he finds his land is gone by auction or has been sold and so the maories have been deceived, and are deprived of their land.

The heart of the maori is very sad and therefore he quotes the words of Paul the Apostle in the 7th chapter of his epistle to the Romans and the 24th and 25 verses.

May you live long Miss Weale and all your council, and Edward Prince of Wales, who is to be king after Queen Victoria.

May the maori tribes of New Zealand be cared for by the Prince of wales and his parliament.

May God who is our strength and stay and support be always near us in times of temptation.

Hori Te Aroatua
Iratene Hapuku