Jackson Te Parore to William Rathbone, 23 August 1882, C145/167

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te Parore, Jackson


Indigenous person







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MSS. Brit. Emp. S 18 / C145-167


7 Upper Chadwell St
Myddleton Square London E.C.
23 August 1882

To Mr Rasthbone M.P. for Liverpool friend there you be we send our best regard to you for your past kindness to us we wish to see you very much the reason of our wishing to see you to ask you about our mission another thing we wish to see you is about Mr Larkworthy plan for the Maori future land scheme for the good of the Maoris and English for future and there is good many members of the Parliament looking into it Mr Fowler M.P. of Forest House Leytonstone he ask us about our mission we told him there is useless then we told him about Mr Larkworthy plan and he show us the copy of the plan and he told me I must not signed that plan or document not before to be well look in to it and I am agreed with him. I am afraid of that scheme that we take this plan without coming to anything. The people might agreed to it and then afterwards it do them great harm more than at first then the people he worse than ever then it will be cause great troubles to the Maori people of New Zealand therefore we should like to have our own old Petition and we wish to see you very much next week if it possible we going home to New Zealand on the 7 September next.

That is the end from Jackson Te Parore
True interpretation by me
S.D. Taiwhanga
William Davis Te Parore