James Edward Carlyle to Robert Fowler, 6 June 1885, C128/108

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Carlyle, James Edward









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C128-108


Oxford 55 Holywell St
6 June 1885

My dear Mayor,

I send you a paper of mine on ‘African Colonies and Colonization.’ It has not been published, only some 1000 copies … to the Philosophical Society. Its information extends to the end of March last. The Academy has lately noticed it favourably as comprehensive and I hope your lordship, when interest in Africa is I know so great, may find in it some information as regards S Africa where I have resided. I think my views will meet with your lordship’s concurrence. As the editor of Africa I had a great deal of correspondence with the directors of German missions and I think my information on their colonies is valuable. I am sorry to say their ‘colonist’ is as chauvinist as the French but as this is aimed rather at the Gladstone Administration than at England, we conservatives cannot well notice it. My notice of S Africa is pp 26-38. May I also ask your lordship to notice what I write regarding the French colonies pp 48 to 58. I do not think we have an adequate idea of them. They are almost as extensive as British India. They are scarcely colonies but adjacent parts of the French Empire like the Latin Empire south and north of the Mediterranean. They are in Africa almost as dangerous as the Republic in …. The annexation of Madagascar will be also a serious blow. I fear the Germans still aim also at annexing St Lucias Bay and damaging Zanzibar. Mr Gladstone’s government is as perilous to us in the immediate future as in the past.

I am a Conservative and at …. If I can in any way serve the cause generally or as regards the colonies I shall be happy to serve as a … volunteer myself …24 Gloucester Crescent Hyde Park W

JE Carlyle