John Brown Gribble to Frederick Chesson, 17 March 1886, C137/17

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Gribble, John Brown








Western Australia

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C137-17



Perth, Western Australia

March 17th 1886

My Dear Mr Chesson,

Since the date of my long letter I have been subjected to considerable annoyances and pain in consequence of the decided attitude which I still maintain in relation to the oppressors of the unfortunate natives of the North West.

In the letter of an English Lady which I enclose you will at once see my present position even so far as my governing powers are concerned. The (Bishop and committee) are afraid to act independently lest interested parties upon whom they depend for funds should be offended. I have spoken and written matter of fact, which has brought down the wrath of the wicked perpetrators upon me, and instead of standing by me as they should have done, they have in a great measure yielded to the popular cry and have now strictly enjoined me to keep my mouth shut and my pen still. And the Bishop has gone so far as to try to face me to a written engagement that I would not communicate any vile facts (cruelty etc.) to any public bodies. The blow being I firmly believe aimed chiefly at your own society. But such engagement as you may suppose I have not given. I desire you to receive the facts I have sent you as from a private friend, you can of course use them in the best and wisest way without letting my name appear (for the present).

The warrants for the arrest of my assistants have not yet been issued although I have interviewed the Governor upon the subject. There is truly speaking but little right and justice to be got in this strange colony.

I remain,
Yours truly,
John B. Gribble

F.W. Chesson Esq