John Mackenzie to Frederick Chesson, 23 November 1887, C141/250

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Mackenzie, John









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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C141-250


Brunstane Villas
Portobello NB
23 Nov 1887

My dear Mr Chesson,

I have not been able to return to town so soon as I expected. I have spoken in Edinburgh and am going to speak at Dundee in connexion with Missionary meetings. I am able to mention many things which I want. And I am under such obligations to the Society, and feel such a true interest in its work in South Africa and elsewhere that I am pleased to render any assistance in my power. At the same time I feel that events in South Africa at present need the closest attention, and unless by yourself I am afraid they are not received much attention.

I was shocked to read of the death of Sir William Macarthur. Everyone who knew him will feel that a good and strong man has been taken away. General sympathy will be felt, for his family on whom the suddenness of the stroke must have fallen very heavily. South Africa and the Colonies have lost a true friend. The natives have lost a benefactor and a lover of justice and fair play. Although eminent in his own church, he belonged in a special sense to English Christianity and English philanthropy. He leaves a vacant place.

I shall be glad to hear what has been decided concerning the deputation from South African on the Registration question.

With king regards,
I am ever yours sincerely,
John Mackenzie