John Mackenzie to Frederick Chesson, 26 October 1885, C141/223

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Mackenzie, John








Cape Colony

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MSS. Brit. Emp. S. 18 / C141-223


26th Oct 1885

My dear Mr Chesson,

I have just received your note of the 1st inst. The ‘Times’ referred to has not yet come to hand.

As to Arnold White and the Aborigines Protection Society I saw only one statement which he made in a colonial paper. I spoke to Mr White on the subject and showed how wrong it was to ‘pit’ respectable colonists versus the Society inasmuch as the Society did not oppose colonists but lawlessness and filibustering and occasionally the unequal carrying out of laws. His identifying himself with Warren at the … was very significant. In private Mr White expressed himself to me in the strongest terms in behalf of the natives. The popularity of the Aborigines Protection Society was never greater in South Africa than at present.

Mr White’s reference to the Society which I saw was a very poor and very transparent attempt to curry favour with what is erroneously called the ‘Dutch’ party. Before many years are over people will get a surprise with reference to this same Dutch party. You are aware that the best ‘Dutch’ members were great friends of Saul Solomon. They would be so still, but there is alas no Saul Solomon at present in the House.

I deeply regret to see from the papers and from your note that Mr Forster continues indisposed.

In a fortnight after you get this I hope to be in England.

I have had a letter from Mr Wardlaw Thompson in which he says the Directors of the Missionary Society will not be able to regard me as living on the list of their paid missionaries; but I understand him to say that many Directors are willing to assist in their private capacity.

In my circumstances I shall be glad of such assistance: from those interested in the subject; but have no fear of being able to pull thro somehow. If it comes to that in a place like London I can surely earn some money and do my South African work also.

I am
Ever yours sincerely
John Mackenzie